A Reflection on Distance Education

Distance education perceptions down the road When you think of distance education what comes to mind?  Do you see shady colleges predating on unsuspecting learners in dark alleys taking money only to print flimsy degrees on tissue paper?  Or do you see innovation at work, with people leveraging the technology of today to make learning … Continue reading A Reflection on Distance Education

Converting face-to-face content to a distance format

When faced with the prospect of taking face-to-face content and converting it to a distance format, the task can seem daunting.  The difference between the two content types may seem vast, but the similarities will be helpful to convert face-to-face content to a distance format.  Here are a few tips: Make sure the content can … Continue reading Converting face-to-face content to a distance format

Give a Mouse a cookie, Scope creep in projects

Give a mouse a cookie, and they will ask for a glass of milk.  This is a fair analogy of scope creep.   In project management scope creep is “Adding additional features or functions of a new product, requirements, or work that is not authorized (i.e., beyond the agreed-upon scope).”  (Larson, Larson, 2009.)  Whatever it is … Continue reading Give a Mouse a cookie, Scope creep in projects

Project Scheduling

When working on a project there are often many actions that need to happen.  Some items need to happen in sequence (pour foundation, frame walls, skin walls, add insulation, drywall… etc.) and some things can happen in tandem as part of a sequence (bake and decorate cake, hire DJ, rent venue, order flatware, hire caterer… … Continue reading Project Scheduling

A Post Mortem – Farewell Sweet Project!

The project A long time ago I was assigned to a project that involved me creating a course covering a computer system used on wind farms across the globe.  This system allowed operators to control aspects of the wind farm’s production and monitor the status of wind turbines.  Simple enough, right?  All I needed was … Continue reading A Post Mortem – Farewell Sweet Project!

Distance learning

From mailing letters to a correspondence school to attending classes online distance learning sure has come a long way over the years!  But no matter how far distance learning has come, the reasons for why remain relatively the same.   Where you want to learn is too far away? Distance learning closes that gap. Schedule … Continue reading Distance learning

A Reflection

              Howard Gardner developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences and they resonated with me.  But what surprised me most from him were his three primary lessons for educators Individualize, Pluralize, and to Drop the term “styles” (2013).  The last lesson of dropping the term styles stood out to me.  I have found when speaking with … Continue reading A Reflection

Learning Theories, Learning Styles, Learning Lukes…

I, like a lot of other people, like to learn new things.  I enjoy the process of learning as well as the acquisition of new information.  When I learn a new thing, I feel accomplished and excited that I grew a new part of my “self.”  Learning is the blissful process of demystifying the world … Continue reading Learning Theories, Learning Styles, Learning Lukes…

Make Sure You’re Connected- Connectivism on the Mind

When thinking of Learning theories, the mind tends to gravitate towards Behaviorism, Cognitivism or Constructivism.  Ahhh the classics!  The be all and end all of learning theory… right?  That’s all, there is nothing more to see here folks, everything has been considered …right?  …right? ....Connectivism you say?  What’s that? George Siemens’ theory of Connectivism states: … Continue reading Make Sure You’re Connected- Connectivism on the Mind