Project Scheduling

When working on a project there are often many actions that need to happen.  Some items need to happen in sequence (pour foundation, frame walls, skin walls, add insulation, drywall… etc.) and some things can happen in tandem as part of a sequence (bake and decorate cake, hire DJ, rent venue, order flatware, hire caterer… … Continue reading Project Scheduling

Communication today – three ways we communicate

The world is smaller today than it ever has been.  A phone call, video chat, email, or text message can put you in contact with someone across the globe in seconds.   With our global reach being as far as it is, are we effective?  What criteria would we use to define our effectiveness? Imagine you … Continue reading Communication today – three ways we communicate

A Post Mortem – Farewell Sweet Project!

The project A long time ago I was assigned to a project that involved me creating a course covering a computer system used on wind farms across the globe.  This system allowed operators to control aspects of the wind farm’s production and monitor the status of wind turbines.  Simple enough, right?  All I needed was … Continue reading A Post Mortem – Farewell Sweet Project!