Instructional Design – Handy Websites

The first step in finding information about Instructional Design usually is a google search.  Having spent many hours at the “University of Google” myself

Here are a few sites I have found myself returning to most often (this is by no means a comprehensive list, but for now I’m adhering to the “rule of three”):

Big Dog Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition has been online proudly since July 13, 1995 and has been one of my favorite go to sites for years.  From ADDIE to Visualization Don Clark (retired Army E-7 now Instructional System Design Consultant) has captured and commented on almost any performance improvement and training concept there is.  Whether you are new to the field of Training and/or Instructional Designing or you are a seasoned veteran of the learning domains this site proves to be an exceptional resource time and time again.

Doing things faster, better, stronger (oh and did I mention faster?) is the name of the game in today’s Instructional Design world.  To help Instructional Designers keep pace with the market, Articulate, makers of the popular elearning creation tool Storyline, maintain a blog and robust online community ( ) to assist with not just Storyline concerns but also common instructional design conundrums, the rapid-elearning blog is an extension of the articulate community.  While this rapid-elearning blog is a bit outdated, it still provides you with good tips and ideas to help manage elearning projects successfully.

No conversation about Instructional Design websites is complete without . The sheer volume of information on this site makes it invaluable to burgeoning Instructional Designers and veterans alike.  Don’t let the austere design put you off – the focus here is on substance, style simply follows.   Never will I say that this site is unpleasant to look at or difficult to use, quite the opposite, its focus on content has liberated this page of glut and elevated it to an elegant font of information.  Here you will find the mechanics that make the Instructional Design machine move; the why to the how; and the building blocks of sound course design.  Before you can become a tastemaker or define the next big trend, you need to understand the fundamentals – here you will find those fundamentals all living together under one roof.


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